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U100 BLDC Motion Module – Ruggedized Version

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Our mission is to make brushless DC motors accessible to all machine builders with powerful, easy to use motion controllers that offer advanced control.

For commercial products and DIY’ers

The U-Series is meant to be a workhorse for machines that need to drive hard. It is a great option for both commercial machine builders and DIY’ers who are looking for performance motor control in a closed-loop position, velocity, or torque control mode.  The U-Series BLDC Motion Modules are hackable, robust, and feature rich that makes using BLDC servo motors accessible to all machine designers.

A motion controller that is truly part of your design

The U-Series BLDC Motion Module is meant to be as transparent as possible so that you can fully integrate it into your machine.  With open hardware, firmware, and software you know exactly what you’re getting, enabling you to make it do exactly what you need.

More than just a motor drive

The U-Series onboard STM32F407 ARM microcontroller saves you the trouble of needing a separate controller to manage inputs from limit switches, sensors, or other I/O devices.  We added common logic to our free uMotion Software to let you configure things like startup behavior, run-time motion profiles, triggers, and limit-switch responses.  If more programable logic is needed, the MCU is unburdened from the complexity of motor commutation and runs a simple state machine that can be added to and tweaked as needed.  And remember we’re a community, we can help you get your application working.

Modular design

The U-Series BLDC Motion Modules are built from three stages: a controller board, an amplifier board, and a feedback board. The U-series are all interchangeable to accommodate a variety of configurations, and all are open designs. Pre-built modules are available, along with individual stages.

Flexible hardware

Individual controller stages mean you can quickly change your hardware without needed to scrap all of it. Want to up-size your motor? Simply change out the Amplifier Stage with a more powerful one and you are up and running. Want to change from digital hall sensors to analog hall sensors? Simply swap out the Feedback Stage and you’re interfacing with new position sensors.

Controller Board

Intended to be the mainstay of the U-Series, the U100 Controller Board is part of every U-Series motion module. Various Amplifier and Feedback boards drop in and build up a complete module so support a wide range of motor and feedback needs.

Amplifier Board

The Amplifer Boards are a series of power stages for driving a wide range of low to high power BLDC motors. Currently, we offer a 1kW, 5kW, and 10kW amplifier board in the U-Series.

Feedback Board

The Feedback Boards are a series of feedback stages for a variety of different feedback devices such as ABN incremental encoders, digital hall sensors, analog hall sensors

Get Running Quickly

Quickly configure the U100 BLDC Motion Controller with uMotion Software and the uTuneIt kit and you’re up and running. Command and control your motor with either Digital/Analog IO or RS232.

Applications that Win

  • Robotics
  • Pick and place equipment
  • Spindles
  • Precision pumping
  • E-Mobility
  • Winders
  • Blowers