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the Complete controls package tailored to your table at the right price pre-loaded with premium features to give you the edge over your competition.

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all in one cnc controls package

plasma cutting | pipe cutting | engraving | routing

the complete package

simple to install, easy to use, and ruggedly handsome table controls.

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premium control techniques

accurate, fast, and reliable. hardware that’s built to take a beating – control module, pc, motors, and cabling.


  • Powerful servo motors with rapids of 1000+ inches/min tuned to your table
  • 75V motor bus that delivers a punch and responsiveness
  • Digital torch height control (THC)
  • Ohmic touch-off with float or proximity switch backup
  • Plasma source serial (RS485) communication
  • Smart fault recovery: run-from-line & fwd/rev
  • 95-125VAC or 190-250VAC input voltage
  • Flex rated cables
  • Small footprint on-machine mounting options

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