Tailored Solutions For Your Application Only

Whether your product is driving, moving, pumping or spinning it deserves industry leading motion control. Save your valuable resources for application development with tailored motor drives and power electronics from Motor Control Technology where your success is our success.

Custom Mechatronic Solutions

Get the customized, board/module level solution that transforms your idea into a meaningful product and experience. Current, voltage, connectors, brackets, enclosure, firmware, communication, extras… anything is possible.

How Does It Work?

Easily. We’ll take the lead so that you can focus on your core expertise and the reason you’re creating the application in the first place.

1. Discovery

Our dedicated team will lead the discussion to develop requirements, specifications, and milestones from your inputs and goals. We’ll then give you a proposal for the best solution and cost estimate.

2. Prototype

We’ll then create hardware, firmware, and whatever else is needed to ensure the best performance possible. By leveraging our experience, your application will have a leg up on your competition.

3. V&V

After we thoroughly test your prototypes in-house, we can either hand them off, or work with you to verify and validate them in your device, ensuring they work as expected against your requirements.

4. Production

Enjoy a smooth procurement process when you turn on production, while also getting world class motion control hardware.

How You Win

Save Money

Tight on a budget? One of the best cost savings options is for us to maintain ownership to keep your initial costs down. This means no NRE and simple quoting for each milestone; i.e., prototype through release. In addition to cost savings, you’ll get exclusive rights to your tailored solution.

Run Faster

We are agile and responsive. After the discovery process, we will have a quote to you in roughly a week. Next, our team of experienced engineers will prototype, rapidly, saving you time and getting you running faster.

Reduce Risk

Take advantage of our motion control expertise. Our years of design experience will burn down your risk and get your device across the finish line. We offer flexible IP agreements and sustainment ownership options.

Why Us?

Motor Control Technology’s goal is to simplify the complexity of motion so that you get great project results! We do that by applying all our lessons learned and leveraging all our successes to get your application up and running.

What your motor runs matters. We specialize in mechatronic solutions that provide smart motion that increases performance and gets you to market quicker with a more reliable product.

Time In – Has taught us what goes right, and what goes wrong; lessons from the field that your design will benefit from.

Complete Package – We not only offer design and engineering services, we’ve invested into manufacturing so that we are a one-stop shop to quickly get you moving.

Where’s Our Work?

Our hardware runs in a variety of machines and equipment over a broad range of industries. From UAV fuel pumps and medical ultrasonic transducers to coffee roasting actuators and EV battery management systems – we run, power, drive and spin all sorts of applications… and all were custom.

  • High speed micro-miniature spindles
  • Precision pumping
  • Fuel pumping
  • X,Y,Z gantry positioning
  • Robotic actuators
  • E-mobility
  • Packaging equipment
  • Medical/Health care equipment
  • Food processing equipment

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